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The Burency
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3 Projects in 1 Token

Burency is an advocate for crypto and Blockchain adoption, particularly in the MIDDLE EAST. The platform is designed to address key challenges that prevent widespread adoption within the cryptocurrency and Blockchain ecosystem such as exchange’s lack of liquidity and security, unsustainable mining, unawareness of Blockchain applications to businesses.

  • Regulated and Fully Insured Cryptocurrency Exchange
  • Sustainable Mining Operation
  • Blockchain Research & Development Centre

Fully insured Crypto exchange platform

The Burency Exchange is a regulated exchange platform that addresses key challenges including security, liquidity, fiat to crypto transactions and vise versa, and more. The exchange is one of the world’s fully insured platforms.

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Mining Facility and data center

The Burency Mining facility answers some of the challenges associated with crypto mining such as mining destruction to environment and excessive mining power expenses by creating a sustainable facility powered by renewable hydropower. Burency provides a streamlined platform for the generation of cryptocurrency via purchased timeshare slots within the mining facilities using the BUY token. Additionally, computational power can also be purchased via the BUY token which governs purchases across the Burency ecosystem.

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Blockchain Developing Centre

The Burency Blockchain Development Center is dedicated mainly for advising enterprises on Blockchain applications and helping them operate on the blockchain for more efficient operation and business transactions execution. In particular, the center focuses on the creation of smart contracts that enable businesses to trade with entities across geographical and jurisdiction boundaries.

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Token Economics

Name Burency
Symbol BUY
Soft Cap $7,000,000
Total Supply 700,000,000
Locked Token 500,000,000
Blockchain ETH,ERC20

Use of funds

7,000,000 USD

35.7 % Mining Farm &
Data Centre
7.1 % Operation &
8.6 % Blockchain
R&D Centre
9.3 % Reserve
10.7 % Marketing
28.6 % Exchange

Tokens Distribution

700,000,000 BUY

71.4 % Locked Token
1.4 % Advisors &
5.7 % Marketing
7.1 % Exchange
14.2 % For Sale

Our Team

Mohammad Mazen Founder / CEO

The mastermind idea, founder, and chief executive officer of “Burency”. Mohammad is responsible for running all facets of Burency business including making corporate strategic decisions and managing company’s resources. Prior to joining Burency, Mohammad is a stock and Forex trader with a massive experience in analyzing financial markets, and managing portfolios on individual basis with market and technical analysis. Previously, Mohammad also served in the National Guards of Bahrain where he oversaw, led, and trained a group of teams while holding several executive positions. He earned a bachelor degree in business administration from The Open University and an MBA from the British Institute of economics and political science. His leadership skills, and strategic vision were able to take Burency to the initiative steps of being a project that serves one ecosystem with multiple directions; crypto exchange, mining facilities, and R&D center.

Saif Al Anazi

Saif brought more than 15 years of executive experience to his role at Burency as a business development director and co-founder. Saif has a diversified portfolio as being engaged in various industries such as airlines and aviation, healthcare, and blockchain. As Saif held decision making roles across many industries, his role in Burency compasses developing business opportunities, and guiding short- and long-term objectives tailored to meet Burency’s current and future plan.

Mouayad Yousef

As a transformational chief operating officer with foresight and vision, Mouyad has contributed to the success of Burency through overseeing its strategy implementation and leading its management and roadmap. Mouyad is a Co-founder of Burency, crypto enthusiast and trader, with a degree in Business administration with entrepreneurship focus. Has an impressive and proven track record of more than 10 years in overrunning ambitious business goals and positioning organizations for success. Demonstrated leadership and management skills in product development, business operations, and business development. He promoted multimillion-dollar sales growth for the firms he worked for, along with this experience in building cohesive teams that demonstrate a thoughtful and deep dedication to operational and managerial success. His experience and diligence have left an imprint in shaping Burency’s direction.

Qusai Al Sharef

Qusai demonstrated business development, blockchain advising, tokenization, and ICO implementation skills for several blockchain and cryptocurrency projects such as sidera Blockchain Technologies, PermianChain Technologies, and Coin Governance System. Furthermore, he is a director and advisor for International Decentralized Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain in Russia, and a global director in Global Association for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in Singapore. Quasi is currently working for Burency as Chief Business Development Officer. Through his strategic perspective on product development, he instituted key performance indicators reporting techniques, and negotiated externally to run and close contracts for the Burency management team. His added value to Burency doesn’t confine to identifying, planning, and coordinating new business opportunities, but also to bringing Burency to efficiency and expansion.

Mike Yezhov Chief Technology Officer

Mike is responsible for supervising our Blockchain development areas including Burency exchange platform, and smart contracts creation of BUY tokens. Through his experience, he was able to possess skills in areas of algorithms, cryptography, and data structure. Mike is also a co-founder at Zpoken and has more than 5 years of experience in AI and Machine learning. In addition, he consulted big enterprises in Machine learning strategy and development.

Hussain Ahmed Financial Analysis Director

Hussain works at Burency as a financial analysis director, thus assisted the company in providing insights for financial analysis in support of Burency’s business strategy. He also managed our internal accounting to ensure accuracy of financial reporting and led Burency’s long planning process. Hussain earned his bachelor in Business Administration and worked at Al-Rajhi Bank in Saudi Arabia for several positions as a relationship manager and a branch manager. He also has experience in sales and human communications and worked as a sales manager at Al Wahda Express Company in Saudi Arabia.

Cal Evans Project Manager

Callum is a market leading cryptocurrency lawyer, a strategy expert, and a public speaker. Callum is the managing Associate of Gresham International and US Litigation Consultant with experience working in top law firms in both California and London. He has consulted with over 50+ ICO/STO/HTO projects and has also consulted with government and regulatory bodies including the Bank of England, Government of Dubai, and Malta. In 2019 he wrote the official proposal for the incorporation of Security Tokens into the Labuan finance license, which was accepted unanimously by the local government. Callum adds value to Burency through his experience in setting suitable corporate and legal structure to ensure crypto raise compliance with laws and regulations in every jurisdiction Burency will operate. He joined Burency since inception and assisted in outlining its path for the next five years.

Moaath Althubaiti Gulf Relations Manager

Moath is Burency’s Gulf Relationship manager. He handled networking with our Gulf business partners and shareholders. He is in charge of helping Gulf shareholders take the financial and investment decisions that suit their need with Burency. He also organized events that aim to strengthen the relationship with our shareholders. Moath holds a bachelor degree in marketing, and worked in business development and marketing departments for various companies such as Al Shaya International, Taunia Takaful Insurance, and National Commercial Bank in kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Khalid Almutairi Mining Farm Manager

As a mining manager for Burency’s mining facilities, Khalid will be responsible for managing our mining operations as the mining project launches in the second quarter of 2020. He will also be in a direct contact with those who would like to build mining farms using Burency’s management and expertise. Khalid earned a Bachelor degree in science and worked as an assistant manager at Saudi Arabian Airlines. Khalid has also experience in trading financial instruments such as stocks, and gained experience in mining bitcoin himself early in 2015 to date.

Khaled Aldroubi IT Manager

Khaled is Burency's IT manager. He has extensive technical experience in the Information Technology field with over 14 years of experience.
With his proven proficiency in the implementation of Microsoft and Linux systems and servers. He is responsible for managing Burency's IT infrastructure and developing IT security strategic plans to ensure data integrity, availability, and confidentiality to support business continuity and ensure compliance.
Khaled's excellent problem solving abilities and passion for continuous learning will contribute to the success of Burency.

Anas Abdulsalam European Relations Manager

Anas is our European Relationship manager. Anas has been doing businesses across international borders across Europe and Middle East, mainly in the food industry as an export and import facilitator. At Burency, he managed our European clients/shareholders portfolio by introducing Burency, as well as, negotiated deals with them regarding their equity contribution with Burency. Indeed, through his business expanded relationships in Germany, Sweden, and Austria, he was able to raise equity capital for Burency before the ICO stage. His strategic thinking ability and negotiation skills assisted Burency in liaising with business investors to open avenues for Burency in Europe.

Dania Kiati Business Development Specialist
Andi Gugu Creative Director
Ayham ALqaryouti Gulf Area Sales Manager
MOUHAMMED ALAHMMAD European Relations Assistant
Anatolii Trakhanovskyi Software Developer

Anatolii is an experienced software developer with a strong solid background and immeasurable potential. At Burency, he handled the front-end (visual) part of Burency company site and ICO site. For the last two years he has been sharpening his skill, working for numerous marketing agencies and enterprises, exceeding their expectations while building and maintaining websites and web applications of different scales. The combination of his innate perfectionism, creativity and love to his craft is what makes Anatolii a valuable asset to Burency.

Maria Trakhanovska Web Developer
Ivan Moroz Front End - Blockchain Developer
Oleg Bell Senior Blockchain Developer
Nikita Svynitskiy Blockchain Developer
Max Ostapenko Blockchain Developer
Pavel Trin Blockchain Developer
Andrew Ger Senior Blockchain Developer

Our Advisors

Dr Mohamed Al Hemairy

Dr. Mohamed Al Hemairy has 17 years’ experience in Research Management, Intellectual Property, Innovation & Technology Transfer from ideas to products in UAE and United Kingdom. He helped over a hundred researchers to file more than 120 inventions & managing around 220 patent applications in the largest IP portfolio in UAE. Mohamed has successfully commercialized and negotiated more than 10 Patent License Agreements with advanced Technology and Pharmaceuticals industries in USA, Japan, Denmark, Belgium and UAE.
Professor Al Hemairy holds a PhD degree in Software Engineering from Coventry University (UK). His research interests are Healthcare Monitoring Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Technologies. In the recent years, he advised many Blockchain-based startups and entrepreneurs during technology ideation phase, developing White-Papers, and during Pre-ICO and Post-ICO phases.
Before joining UOS University as an Assistant Professor and Head of Technology Transfer Office, he worked at UAE University, as Head of Intellectual Property & Patents Office at the Research & Innovation Division. He is the Co-Founder of Blockchain Research Center at UOS and a member of OpenUAE Research & Development Group to support open source software, platforms and various blockchain related technologies. Dr. Al Hemairy is a member of many professional association, i.e. IEEE, IEEE Young Professional, Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM), American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA), Emirates Intellectual Property Association (EIPA), and International Association of Engineers (IAENG).
He has strong experience in directing & facilitating long-term relationships between University researchers & industry in addition to supporting university inventors & entrepreneurs through technology transfer services. He has recently established “Fabrication Lab” as Joint Venture between polytechnic institute and Business Investor in Abu-Dhabi. Mohamed has successfully commercialized & negotiated a number of Patent License Agreements with industry. Mohamed is a well-known speaker at national & international level, he has been invited to give talks on IP & Innovation space in New York, Boston, London, Dubai and GCC region.
He has also served on the University Innovation Support Team, where hundreds of innovative ideas & projects are explored & filtered for potential patenting & business opportunities. Beside IP & Innovation activities, he has a vast experience in managing pre-award & post-award funding research projects & ensuring the compliance with funding entity & University policies. During 2015 he worked in the executive team to establish the first “Science & Innovation Park: SIP” in UAE, which has been successfully launched in 2016. He has vast experience in dealing with Law and patent offices in USA, UK, Europe, Patent Cooperation Treaty ‘PCT’, China, Japan & GCC.

  • Founder of vector capital
  • Aims to bring traditional industry to the future of blockchain and crypto
  • Professional trader and market maker with insight vision of crypto secondary market
  • Advised 30+ projects and 10+ exchanges
  • 5+ years experience in finance and consulting
  • Early investor of high-tech and fin-tech startups
  • Hardcore entrepreneur
Naveen Kapoor

Naveen Kapoor, founder of “The Times of Crypto," is a blockchain & ICO consultant with more than twelve years of experience in project management and business analysis. He worked on various banking transformation projects – “sustainable and disruption”, which were initiated in various domains such as Retail Banking, Cash Management, Integrated Liquidity Management (ILM), Corporate Banking, Asset & Wealth Management, Financial Messaging, Regulatory Sanctions Filtering and Local and International Payment Systems.His industry certifications include PMP, CBAP, ITIL, PSM 1 & CSM.

Umut Katırcı

Umut Katırcı was born in Istanbul in 1974 and completed his primary and high school education in Istanbul. In 1999, he graduated from Middle East Technical University, Department of Physics. Umut Katırcı, who has specialized in getting traffic to web sites especially for the media sector, has been involved in the development and management of more than 100 sites in his 15 year long professional career. After working at Milliyet which is the most visited Turkish newspaper website, he worked as a manager for tv channels Cine5, Kanal D and CNN digital assets. Now he is working as an advisor of digital companies such as Netd which is third biggest youtube channel in world, TV100 for turkish news tv Channel, some other news and cryptocurrency websites and various startups.



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