Blockchain Research & development Centre

Blockchain Research and development Centre

The Burency Blockchain Development Center is dedicated mainly for advising enterprises on Blockchain applications and helping them operate on the blockchain for more efficient operation and business transactions execution. In particular, the center focuses on the creation of smart contracts that enable businesses to trade with entities across geographical and jurisdiction boundaries.

Smart contracts are digital deeds that are programmed and stored inside the blockchain. Smart contracts are the best when it comes to conducting transaction where trust is needed to fulfill a business trade due to their nature of auto execution and enforcement when conditions programmed in the smart contracts are met.

While smart contracts solve the trust issues between buyers and sellers, in addition to their other usages, most small companies suffer the technical expertise to create such contracts, as well as, stay on the top of their execution.

At Burency, SMEs can have customized smart contracts that aims to solve their business needs. Additionally, blockchain consultancy is provided to those startups and businesses that are interested in incorporating blockchain technology to their business line/lines.